Front and Back End Web Development

Front and Back End Web Development

We all spend a considerable amount of time on our favorite social media and messaging apps; seldom do we wonder how the message is sent or how the programs we see on the screen like the popping of notification happens. The working of websites happens because of frontend and backend technology. So let’s discuss what front and back end web development is.

Frontend development focuses on analyzing code, design, and debugging an application. The frontend is the first thing user see in their browsers. The front end developer is responsible for the look, design, and feel of the site.

Backend development focuses on how the website works. Making updates and monitoring functionality of the site is the primary responsibility of a backend developer. A code designed by a backend developer is what communicates the database information to the browser.

Comprehensive Outlook into Frontend and Backend Development

The frontend of a website is the part we see and directly interact with. A frontend developer often works closely with the design and look and helps to turn ideas into reality. There are various languages used by developers. Few examples of frontend web development technologies are:

  • HTML: Hypertext markup language or HTML is often considered as a cornerstone of the web. All the pages and applications we see are made in HTML documents which are further interacted by the browser.
  • CSS: Cascading stylesheets or CSS is mostly helpful in changing the way the text and parts of the webpage looks. Adjusting the color, fonts, size, and design of the book is done by using CSS.
  • JavaScripts: It is a programming language that runs inside web browsers. JavaScript codes are written by a developer who runs directly within the browser. It helps developers in constructing fluid user interactions.

The backend of a website is the part we cannot see. When a user uses a website, it reaches out to the internet and performs the program. The program is delivered through what a layman thinks as ‘the pipes on the internet by magic.’ A backend web developer ‘makes this magic happen’ and gives the user what they expect to see. The language used by backend web developers includes the language used by frontend developer and also a few other technologies, for example:

  • PHP: It is dynamically typed. Users can compile and run a program until it reaches the glitch. This language is natural to learn. One can collect, generate dynamic pages, send and write servers and data.
  • C#: It is a high-level computer language that allows developers to write programs. It is a user-friendly language and is easy to learn.
  • Ruby on Rails: It is a web development language that allows creating simple basic tasks enabling users to develop and launch applications quickly.


Frontend and backend development are two essential parts of making and working on a website. If a website is a car under making, frontend is the paint, headlights, mirror, and tires which we can see and something that makes a vehicle look aesthetically appealing. Backend is the engine, sparkplug and petrol tank which helps in moving and working of the vehicle. One without the other is incomplete.


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