How Long it takes to Learn Web Development

How Long Does It Take To Learn Web Development

Web development is a combination of several skills. Web developers need to be master in all the aspects. Company hire web developers by seeing their skills and experiences. These skills increase with experiences. Learning web development is not any thing rocket science. It can be done within a particular time period. With minimum effort this can be done. Proper trainings are available in the internet. Several sites give their coaching on web development. Many audio-visual classes are also there for web development. If a person follows these classes regularly it may hardly take 6 months.

With maximum effort it can be learnt within 6 months also. Web development has a great prospect in terms of career. There are ample of opportunities for web development. Websites are the face of any company. It is the first impression. Therefore, web developers are one of the most responsible part of any industry. In this article the required time for learning web development is explained. After following one can easily evaluate that how long does it take to learn web development.

Steps and Required Time for Learning Web Development

When coming to the process it is more important to know how to build a web development portfolio. Many big companies focus on the front end. Yes, it is the important part of any website. From the very basics, it is required to know the principles of web development

1. Web Development and Designing Concept and Principle

Generally, this takes 10 days’ time for any beginner. The knowledge should be clear about static and dynamic web page. This step also includes the knowledge about the layout of webpage. This step provides a clarity about web designs and elements.

2. CSS, HTML, Java script

HTML is quite easy to learn for any new comers. Java script is also easy to follow, however few learners face difficulties. It is very surprising to know that creation of Java was completed in 10 days. Once java it is practiced regularly then it becomes easier. CSS is relatively complex. Java script plays an important role in the behavior of the website. CSS is the presentational part of the website. HTML covers the structural part of the website

3. Web Development Tools

Web development also requires knowledge in certain tools. Certain activities like web page editing, picture editing, prototype designing need proper knowledge. The entire thing takes maximum 15 days.

4. Building Own Website

After these knowledges a person can easily grab the fact that how to start web development. Building website needs maximum 1 month. This include knowledge of domain, server and testing.

Therefore, maximum time requirement is two months. In worst case scenario it may hardly take 6 months to become master in this field.


Web development is not at all a complex thing. It is easy to learn. It takes less than 6 months to become a master in it. Web development comprises certain steps. If the steps are followed thoroughly then definitely the goal can be achieved. Web development is one of the most demanding fields in today’s era. Several online classes are also there to learn web development. These classes also guide for creating own website. Experiences in this skill are having a bright future.

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