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Top Online Web Development Schools

The world we live in today is going through a digital transformation. From people having intermediate skills to skills at the level of an expert on the digital media have a higher chance of flourishing.

Web development is one such skill that has tipped not only the requirement of web developers but also education platforms that provide web development as a course. If pursued with passion and dedication, web development is quite a creative and rewarding career option as both job professional or a freelancer.

If you are a fresher, you can look out for any top online web development schools to get yourself intermediate level skills on web development, to get started.

How to Be a Web Developer

A website developer generally specializes in either front-end development or back end development, which is simply due to the complex nature of the website.

Before getting aware of how to learn web application development or only website development – you must first understand that a web developer has to undergo training in object-oriented programming, multiplatform development, and building of web applications.

If you analyze web development in the past five years, a gradual increase has been noticed in the salaries of people who specialize in the skill. Robert Half Technologies, a rise of 5.6 percent increase in the year 2016 and, is increasing rapidly with every passing year.

Learning web development is much more comfortable and doesn’t require committing a specific year into getting a degree, you just have to look for some of the top online web development schools and start a course on HTML, CSS or Javascript.

Steps on How to Be a Web Developer

  • Choose a Development Specialization

Website development is a set of complex processes after getting a fundamental education in web development. You can choose a niche, a category.

There are three categories: front-end, back end, and full-stack. After getting a better understanding of the basic framework of web development, you’ll know which niche drives you more.

  • Get an Education

Even though getting a degree is not the only way to be a web developer, but still having a formal education in coding builds a foundation to be a more effective website developer.

Although, top online web development schools like SkillShare and Unacademy provide quality courses on CSS, HTML, and Javascript – which are equally useful for anyone to be a top performer.

  • Develop Technical Skills

Develop as many technical skills you can. Being fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript would serve you well. But diversifying your expertise on frameworks like Bootstrap, Backbone, and Foundation will increase opportunities for employment.

  • Sharpen Your Coding Skills

Today many people are into web development and what makes an individual stand-out is mastery, the sharpening of the skill one has learned.

Be in regular touch with your skill, keep brushing it up, and learning new trends going on in the website development industry.

  • Online Portfolio

The only way to make people believe is not an argument but a proof. Make a record of all your experiences and achievements in the form of a portfolio.

Employers emphasize a lot on hiring people with active portfolios.


Being in 2019, website developers are at the forefront of the internet generation. Anyone with appropriate skills on website development has higher opportunities in the market. The best answer to ‘how to be a web developer?’ is exploration, taking help from some of the top online web development schools and pursuing the course with passion.


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