Top Frameworks for Web

Top Frameworks For Web Development

One cannot imagine a car without a chassis, an aircraft without fuselage, a building without architecture and a body without a skeleton. In the same way, the world of web development is made of an essential structure that supports the underlying system; known as the framework on web development. One may even call it has the technologies or software used in making a web page. These frameworks or software are the basics which are designed to support the development of web applications that help both front-end and back-end developers in making a website. This article will narrate the details about top frameworks for web.

Various Web Development Frameworks

People understand the importance of a website in today’s world, with rapid changes in the technological world; the number of these frameworks or software is also increasing. Here are mentioned 5 top web development frameworks which will help the developers to come up with interactive and high-quality content websites:

  • Ruby in Rails: It is an extremely productive web application framework through which one can develop an application 10 times faster than other typical software. The language used by this software is ‘Ruby’.
  • Django: It is software that helps in building quality web apps. It can be used in fast-moving deadlines, satisfying tough requirements and the applications made here are secure and versatile. The language used in this software is ‘Python’.
  • Angular: It is a framework developed by Google to build a large scale and high-performance application while its maintenance is easy. The language used here is ‘JavaScript’.
  • Meteor: This software gives a simpler way of building mobile and web apps. It allows fast prototyping and cross-platform code. The language used in this software is ‘JavaScript’.
  • PLAY: It is a modern web application framework which aims in optimizing productivity, hot code reloading and points out errors while following MVC architecture. This software uses the ‘scala and Java’ as its language.

Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

The changes in web development are significant in recent years. As a result, an MVC framework has turned out to provide structure for the new developing applications that cannot be handled by typical JavaScript.

MVC or Model View Controller is an architectural pattern that is a three-layered pattern. It provides a complete framework. The three types of classes are:

  • Model – It is used to implement the logic of data domains. It is used to insert, retrieve and update data into a database associated with the application.
  • View – It is used to prepare the interface used by users to interact with the applications made by the developer.
  • Controller – It is used to respond to the request made by the users.

The web development MVC framework is a modern-day framework that separates the characteristics and provides the facility of parallel development.

When Web Development Meet Advancement

The framework of web development is dynamic and keeps up the pace with the rapid changes in technology. A web developer must choose a web app development framework which suits the need of the client or user and also which helps the developer in making a versatile, secure, fast and interactive website.


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