Web Developers and their Earnings

How Much Do Web Developers Make

Web development is one of the most important parts of the business. The website is the front face of any organization. Whenever people enquire about any particular company, the website is the first thing. Hence it is the first impression of the company. This first impression should be well designed. The company always ensure that their website should be well decorated with each and every detail. They always appoint the best web developer. A web developer must have knowledge of programming. These require a proper study and experience to become a web developer.

Web development is in huge demand in today’s market. There is a special human resource team for a few specific companies to find web developers. Therefore, the job of a web developer is a matter of big responsibilities. It is quite an interesting question that how much do web developer make. On an average basis, web developer of USA earns around $61,512 a year. This figure is just for entry-level developers. For an experienced developer, the earnings are more than $200,000 a year. In this article, the earning of a web developer is discussed. It is also discussed that how this earning is fragmented into several segments.

Front End Developers

The front end is the part of the website which is visually seen. The developers perform special coding to build this part of the website. The front end part interacts directly with the user. Front end developers work on the graphics, designs, and look of the website. They should have advanced knowledge regarding HTML and CSS. Developers also have knowledge of javascript. Averagely a front-end developer makes around $127,407 a year. With a basic knowledge and of 3 years of experience a web developer can earn up to $108,000+ income a year.

Back End Developer

Their work does not interact with the users directly. The back end is just behind the scenes. Back end programming languages are PHP, Ruby, and python. In maximum scenarios, the company does not say that they need back end developer. Rather say they require python developer or ruby developer. The person knowing Python, Ruby or PHP knows very well, how to perform backend web developing.

They do not focus on the design and décor of the website. They only focus on the database of the website. Their income in the USA is somewhat around $38,974 a year. If the person is experienced enough then annual income for backend web developer may raise up to $60,000. This figure is completely distinct from the fact that how much web developer makes. This is because there is no specific job role for only backend developers. The company hires full stack developers in maximum cases.


There is no specific income when it is said that how much web developers earn. In various cases, companies hire full stack developer. They perform the entire job of web development. There are huge chances for lots of money-making as a web developer. A web developer needs to know various programming languages. They need to be creative enough. They showcase their planed website towards the viewers.

Company and huge industries are depended on web developers. Web development not only means creating websites. It also means to maintain and update the data regularly. There are basically two parts of the development. One is front end and the other is back end. However, the companies hire either front end web developer or full-stack developer.


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