Web Development vs. Programming

Web Development vs Programming

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The words web development and programming are strictly related, but when you look into details, one can find the difference between them. Let’s imagine a company which builds the engine of a car and then it is sent to different local dealers who assemble it into a final product. In the world of software and coding, the company building the engine is a programmer and the local dealers collecting various parts are web developers.

Learning in-Depth of These Terms

Web development or website development refers to the tasks or activities which help in developing websites for hosting via internet. It includes working on web design, network security configuration, and web content development.

Programming, on the other hand, is mainly used to construct an application. It requires knowledge of applications, algorithms, and language expertise. It is developed in different logic based on developer knowledge.

People often get confused between these two terms; below are the key differences which may help them understand the fundamental differences:

  • Usage: Web development is used to understand how the website looks backend. Programming is used to protect the front end of a website.
  • Knowledge: Web development requires graphic design structure. Programming requires coding and technical expertise.
  • Requirements: Web development requires creativity and imagination. Programming requires scientific and logical thinking.
  • Approach to quality: Web development involves prioritizing the time to market over quality. Programming, however, gives priority to quality overtime offered to the market.
  • Concentration: Web development concentrates over the look and aesthetics of the website, whereas programming is all about internal architecture.

Confusion in Co-Related Terms

The terms web development and programming are often confused with some other co-related conditions individually.

Software and web development are two different terms often used in place of each other. Software development is only client-based and is used on a simple platform without the need of any host, whereas web development is client-server based and is used on a cross-platform with the lack of a host via the internet or computer.

A software application developer manages the project, communicates with clients, capable of doing coding, and provides technical guidance and support. A programmer, on the other hand, receives instruction from developers and translates them into codes needed for the software to run.

One must not get confused between these terms as all of them have important roles and parts to play in a company. Web development is an art, and programming is a skill. There are different primary technologies used in each of these. Web development requires the knowledge of HTML, Flash, etc. whereas; programming needs the expertise of JavaScript, Asp.net, PHP, CSS, etc.


The differentiation between web development and programming gives us a fundamental understanding of the working and importance of both in the current market. Top graded companies have started to understand the importance and benefits of this technology and how important it is to invest in these areas for long term growth of the company.

Web development and programming are both different in terms of their meaning and use, but both are inter-dependent.


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