What is Web Development Course

What is Web Development Course

A website plays a crucial role in the promotion, growth, and expansion of companies. It helps its users to reach more customers and an interactive website is useful for its users. Websites are made by web developers, who work for the both frontend and backend development.

A web developer is responsible for design, layout and coding of the website and also for the graphic designing and programming. There are various technologies and software available for building a website. A web developer is required to have knowledge about all these software, in order to design a good website. There are many colleges and institutions which provide courses for learning web development.

Things You Need to Know About the Course

A person who wants to become a web developer needs to have experience and knowledge about the various software which is needed for building a website. People often wonder what is web development course and how it is done?

Web development course provides a person with all the necessary skills a person need to acquire to build a website. It typically refers to coding, programming and designing side of website development encompassing in creation of website.

Web development courses include learning of software like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Python, .Net and many more such courses help web developers in creating new things and share it with the world.

One can also do web development courses online, which provides both full time and part-time courses or can do it from colleges. It takes a minimum of 3 months to learn the software or more depending on the course one chooses.

Things a Web Developer Need to Know

A web developer has a huge set of rules and techniques which is needed to be followed by them. Below are the 9 important things what a web developer needs to know:

  • Browsers – These can be related to interpreters of the internet that request the information and show us in a language we can understand. Chrome, Firefox are few famous browsers
  • HTML and CSS – As discussed before, these are the software that helps a developer in creating and designing a website.
  • Programming language – There is different language used by computers to interpret information; JavaScript, Python are examples of few such languages.
  • Protocols – The instructions for passing information back and forth between devices and computers are known as protocols.
  • API – Application programming interface allows the developers to use the functionality without sharing codes.
  • Data formats – The structure where data is stored is called a data format.
  • Client – The user of an application or website is called the client.
  • Server – The place where the application codes are stored is called a server. They respond to request after gathering information.


People, who are interested often wonder how to get into web development? One must try to learn about new technologies and software all the time as these technologies keep improving all the time. To start getting into web development, one must get the right online or offline tutorial to learn about it faster.


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